How to work on the "correct floor" of our clients' brain

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When: December 18-21, 2014
Where: Doorn, Netherlands
Training Language: English
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When: February 5-8, 2015
Where: Palo Alto, California
Investment: $1,880 (early bird)
                        $2,380 (after 1/5/2015)

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Simply talking about, or consciously knowing, what would be useful to do when we want to change something, doesn't help much.

We all have been in a situation where we knew that option A (eating that piece of pie) would not yield the desired result (shedding those extra pounds), but option B (forgoing that pie) clearly would.

However, the conscious awareness about option A and its consequences unfortunately does not always lead to a different behavior and the desired result. Knowing and awareness happen in the cortex part of the brain. But there is another area in our brain that decides what we end up doing, an area that out of our conscious control.

This part of our mid-brain, called the limbic system, meticulously labels all our experiences emotionally. The limbic system also constantly filters incoming information, compares this information with what has already been labeled with a certain emotional response in the past, and then triggers a matching reaction. If, for whatever reason, our limbic system has labeled option B as “unpleasant”, it will always make sure that this option will not be put into action but rather the option that is associated with “pleasant”.

In order to achieve behavior changes or to address unpleasant emotions, it is therefore useful to include our client’s limbic system in the coaching process. In a way, by incorporating the part of the brain that decides what a person will end up doing, we are working on "the correct floor."

It's like looking for the Christmas decorations: Instead of searching for them in the bedrooms on the second floor or in the bathroom, it is more promising to go directly to the storage place where we know we put them 11 months ago, e.g. the basement.

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Sylvia Kurpanek is the creator of Limbic Coaching. She is a professional personal and executive coach and the founder of the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching in Palo Alto, California.

An organizational psychologist and certified Systemic Coach, Sylvia is trained in a variety of other highly effective and well-proven coaching techniques. By combining the most successful

coaching methods with her own experience of coaching top performers, Sylvia has developed Limbic Coaching to help clients use their minds to work for, rather than against, their best interests. She teaches her coaching certification classes worldwide. You can find her full bio here.