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Limbic Coaching’s detailed and powerful Muscle Response Testing protocol allows you to quickly identify what exactly needs to be addressed to help the client get where they want to be  ̶  head-on and without any detours. With the help of the Muscle Response Test, the client and I can rapidly


When: May 14-17, 2015
Where: Palo Alto, California
Investment: $1,880 (early bird)
                        $2,380 (after 3/5/2015)

When: September 24-27, 2015
Where: Palo Alto, California
Investment: $1,880 (early bird)
                        $2,380 (after 7/16/2015)

with clients even more sustainable by applying this state-of-the-art method. The Limbic Coaching method perfectly complements other coaching approaches and offers an effective add-on to any technique.

Expand your coaching knowledge and skills to clearly distinguish your coaching practice.

You can find out more about Limbic Coaching here.

Receive 30 hours of ICF CCEUs!

Are you interested in the certification training and know other coaches, therapists, NLP or EFT practicioners in your city who would join you? Or are you interested in bringing Limbic Coaching into your organization? Please contact us (minimum of 6 participants).


Bring your friend or colleague! two or more participants enroll together the course fee is reduced by $200 per participant.

Bring Certification Training to Your City or Organization

Group Discount

Become a Limbic Coaching Technique Master and broaden your repertoire of effective coaching tools with one of the latest and most powerful approaches.

Make the results of your change and development work


Sylvia Kurpanek is the creator of the Limbic Coaching method. She is a professional personal and executive coach and the founder of the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching in Palo Alto, California.

An organizational psychologist and certified Systemic Coach, Sylvia is trained in a variety of other highly effective and well-proven coaching techniques. By combining the most successful

coaching methods with her own experience of coaching top performers, Sylvia has developed the Limbic Coaching method to help clients use their minds to work for, rather than against, their best interests. She teaches her coaching certification classes worldwide. You can find her full bio here.

Case study: How Muscle Response Test Helped a Female Executive Client Overcome Performance Anxiety

My client was a female executive who felt extremely uncomfortable giving presentations in front of the board. This very accomplished and successful woman had a well-developed sense of self-esteem and absolutely no problems making her points heard and communicating

Muscle Response Testing: A Foundational Component of The Limbic Coaching Method

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