How my engineering client got back his "mojo"

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Let me share with you a recent experience I had in a coaching session: The engineer, a man in his early 30s, wanted to get back to what he knew his motivation and “drive” at work could be like. For about 3 months he had been feeling unmotivated, uncreative and very slow in making decisions and getting things done.

When we started our search for what was holding him back and what he needed in order to get back his old “mojo”, we came across something interesting.

I applied a muscle response test to identify my client’s blockage to be where he wants to be professionally. This test is carried out with two fingers of the client’s hand. A detailed test protocol makes it possible to detect what exactly the client’s system responds to with stress.

The test led us to something that had happened to the client at work about a year ago and involved his previous supervisor. When asked what he spontaneously associated with the working environment at that time, the client remembered that said supervisor had told him that a particular idea he had developed was useless – and the client later learned that the supervisor had “sold” this idea as his own to management.

Looking at the situation from that perspective, it wasn’t too surprising that the client’s system had started to actually block creativity and drive at work, in an unconscious attempt to spare him similar experiences in the future.

I invited the client to get in touch with the emotions that were connected to that experience (particularly anger and disappointment), and we processed this episode with a series of bilateral eye movement stimulations. After a couple of sets, the client felt a clear sense of relief and an increased access to his creativity.

We then did a couple of rounds of tapping, connecting powerful affirmations for the future with the stimulation of receptors in the skin that set a strong foundation for new behaviors. This completed the session.

Two weeks later, the client called me and told me that he felt much more motivated to give his best again at work and that he was looking forward to starting a really challenging project.

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Sylvia Kurpanek is the creator of Limbic Coaching. She is a professional personal and executive coach and the founder of the Palo Alto Institute for Systemic Coaching in Palo Alto, California.

An organizational psychologist and certified Systemic Coach, Sylvia is trained in a variety of other highly effective and well-proven coaching techniques. By combining the most successful

coaching methods with her own experience of coaching top performers, Sylvia has developed Limbic Coaching to help clients use their minds to work for, rather than against, their best interests. She teaches her coaching certification classes worldwide. You can find her full bio here.